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6:30 A.M. (Waking to Nothing)
For those who never remember their dreams, being unable to remember in itself can sometimes be as frightening as the worst nightmare.

Capital P
Being on death row could make anyone bitter, frustrated, accusatory, and even giddy, particulalry if they are not the only guilty party.

A cold winter's day sets the mood for continued grieving over a love lost long ago. This poem is told in the "I go here, I go there"-style of Frank O'Hara.

A son holds bitter memories and hostile feelings toward a father who did far more harm than good.

Play Again
Most people remember the child's game "Simon Says." Few people think about how they continue to play the game as adults.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
For many people their darkest fears are just around the corner, waiting in the same place as their hopes and dreams.