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Blue & Gold
What do you want to be when you grow up? Have you kept your options open, or have you blown off things that didn't seem important in reaching your dreams? Some people learn too late that life doesn't always turn out like you want, and some people, missing out on that dream, still can't let go. This is a sample of a short, short story.

Everything is Wrong
Bullies can victimize anyone, at age twelve or at age twenty-eight, particularly if the victim already has self-esteem issues. Ceasing to be a victim can be a tremendous struggle, and that struggle can reshape not only the victim but everyone they know. This is the first chapter of a novel-length work.

Last Defense
War forever changes the world. Men, cities, and societies may rise or fall based upon a single passing judgment, and the heroes of one society may be the scourge of another. In the end, the only remaining defense may be a good offense. This is a sample of a short story in the fantasy genre.

Out of the Frying Pan
Discovering that you are gay can be hard enough, but when your parents discover that you are gay, it is something else all together. Some people are lucky and are accepted with loving support from their parents; others aren't so lucky. This is a sample of a short story.