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You taught me to throw, taught me to catch,
taught me to curse and taught me to lie,
taught me to fight and how to have sex -
You taught me all you knew, taught me by example,
and I learned it too well, -
I became that example.

You had all of the advantages,
a dumb giant looming over a little boy,
big strong man that frightens children -
You had me pegged for a kid that would be too terrified to stop you,
and you were right, -
I was far too afraid.

I should have thrown the book at you, made you catch hell,
cussed you out and told you I loved you,
beat the shit out of you and fucked you as you cried -
I should have given you back everything you gave me, taught you how it felt,
but I learned it too well, -
and I'm afraid to ever be like you.


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Daddy, by Paul Cales, © December 2001
(revised May 2003)