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Senior Thesis for Literature
This paper uses trauma theory to examine Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, arguing that Harry Potter responds to situations based upon traumatic reactions and behaviors, rather than due to self-willed actions of heroism.

Die, Author! Die!
Supporting Roland Barthes' essay, "The Death of the Author," this paper tracks Barthes' arguments, simplifies them, and considers their validity.

How Do You Tell Who's Sane and Who's Insane?
Once they had breached the barrier of conventional reason and sanity, the Beats embraced the unrestrained creativity offered by ‘insanity’ and incorporated unfettered, uncensored thought directly into writing, creating not only a new consciousness of subject matter but also of language and composition as well. This paper examines what constituted 'insanity.'

In and Out: Recognizing Both Sides of the Poems of Frank O'Hara
This paper presents an understanding of certain overall themes of Frank O’Hara’s poetry, not excluding nor focusing upon his homosexuality but contextualizing it within O’Hara’s life as a whole and offering a more true appreciation of the man and his works.

Representation and Simulation: Viewing White Noise through Baudrillardian Concepts
Don DeLillo's contemporary novel, White Noise, provides an excellent example of many of the ideas and institutions Jean Baudrillard considered in his essay, "Simulacra and Simulation." This paper follows Baudrillard's arguments and uses White Noise to support and illustrate his ideas.

Watch Your Language, Walt Whitman!
Although Walt Whitman’s overall approach to poetry and language was not entirely new in and of itself, it expanded radically upon older ideas and incorporated a number of experimental variations. This paper examines Whitman's use of common language and slang words, vulgar or profane terms and phrases, and new words of his own creation, explaining how Whitman changed the entire vocabulary of poets forever.