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Reading, writing, and enjoying the English language were quite natural for me from a young age. Early endeavors at reading and writing poetry and short stories went hand-in-hand with a vivid imagination and a thirst for knowledge. My desires for a career in teaching English went unrealized, initially, and my first years in college were spent studying engineering, pharmacy, and eventually broadcasting. None of these endeavors fulfilled my desires, however, and I left college to seek work.

I rose through the ranks rapidly in a succession of jobs, finding great success at the copy and design company Kinko's and then opening my own printing enterprise in partnership with a former work associate. None of these successes satisfied the desires to read, write, and teach that still interested me greatly. I left my business behind and returned to college at Bowling Green State University to pursue two degrees, a BA in Literature with a History minor and a BFA in Creative Writing with a Scientific and Technical Communications minor. I had decided to finally pursue my dreams.

Now, at age thirty-six, I have only one more year remaining to complete my undergraduate degrees. Following graduation, I intend to enter an MFA program for Creative Writing, followed by a PhD program in Literature. My goal is to have opportunities to write and publish various types of fiction, mainly in novel form, and I hope to teach at the college level as well, continuing to enjoy my love of reading and writing while sharing that appreciation of the English language with others.